ANNOUNCING ... Discount Marketplace - Recession-proof business for YOU!

Are you worried about losing your job? Or your business?
Is your business making much less money than it used to?
Would you like to have another stream of income?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions,
we have the solution for you!

It's time for you to create your own world
within the world we live in. In other words ...

Make Your OWN Economy!

The purpose of any business is to sell something to someone. Without selling products or services, there is no business to be done between two parties - it doesn't matter if the transaction is large or small. This is how business has been done for centuries and it's not going to change. No business can be done between parties if they don't buy or don't sell.

George and Arlene Paukert Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of our brand new program, let us introduce ourselves. Many of you may have heard of us since we've been on the Internet since 1996.

My name is George Paukert and along with my wife, Arlene, we have created many successful businesses since 1969. We have authored 35 training manuals as well as 6 DVDs and numerous CDs.

George's business experience began with a small chain of retail stores called "World of Toys." He opened the first store on a real shoestring. And this is where he got his feet wet in the import/export business.

After selling his toy business, George got a job as the Import/Export Director for a major U.S. retailer - handling over $100 million in import business alone.

Arlene's family was always in the retail business. When she met George, she was a department manager for a major U.S. department store and was responsible for merchandising her department - to make sure there was always enough inventory and to make sure the "floor" looked good.

As you can see we have well over 65 years of combined retail and business experience. And now we're going to share our expertise with YOU!

Below is a "picture" of the Discount Marketplace Mall - along with the stores currently in the mall. On this page we purposely did not make the links "clickable" so you can focus on the opportunity we are putting before you. (At the bottom of the page you'll find a link to an actual working mall.)

discountmarketplace logo
discountmarketplace logo
Discount Marketplace Shopping Mall

Books 'n' More 4 Seasons Luggage Shop Leather Shop

Mr. Fix-It Clock Shoppe Artistic Glass

Backyard Store BBQ Store Bath & Body Shoppe

Chess Sets Cutting Edge Cutlery Doll Shoppe

Serenity Fountains Garden Decor Handbags

Inspiration and Angels Be-Jeweled Collectable Knives & Swords

Healthy Cooking Nonstick Cookware Binoculars & Telescopes

Myths & Legends Home Decor Store Gifts Galore

Office On The Go Gadgets & Gizmos (Coming Soon!)

Here's Your Opportunity ...

YES! You own EVERY store in the Mall!
And you can even have YOUR OWN unique store as well!

Discount Marketplace is the most unique business opportunity you'll ever find. Your mall has 27 stores for your customers' shopping pleasure (more will be added as we grow), with different departments within those stores. Later on we'll talk about the merchandise. Right now let's review how you can profit by becoming a Discount Marketplace mall owner - and it won't cost you a fortune ...

Your mall is customized for you! This means that YOUR name/company name, address, phone number and email address will appear on the main entrance to your mall!

Each mall owner has their own unique ID# so there's no confusion about who owns which mall.

Discount Marketplace is open 24/7/365 so your customers can shop at their convenience.

Discount Marketplace is NOT an affiliate program! When you sell a product YOU get paid FIRST! Yet the best part is ...

  • You don't warehouse anything!
  • You don't pack anything!
  • You don't ship anything!
  • All you do is take the orders and send them to us!
  • It simply can't get EASIER than that!

So, How Do YOU Make Money?

By Selling Products to Other People and Other Merchants!

discount marketplace cash

You'll have access to 3,500+ items at wholesale!

You'll be able to buy catalogs at very reasonable prices and use them for a direct mail program! Mail order catalogs are an excellent way to generate business AND make money!

You'll make a huge profit on each item - a least 50% of the retail price! Once again, Discount Marketplace is NOT an affiliate program where you get paid LAST - sometimes 60 days later! YOU get paid FIRST!

If you want to work Discount Marketplace as an "offline" business, you can do that, too! You see, Discount Marketplace is a REAL business you can pursue on OR off the Internet. There are NO LIMITS to the opportunities waiting for you!

And if you want to work the Direct Import Business, you can do that, too. This means you can sell full containers of merchandise that are shipped directly to your customer! (You'll learn about these kinds of opportunities as we go.)

How Will You Find Customers?

Weekly coaching about how to make money on the Internet - by email and, perhaps, teleseminars. We want YOU to succeed.

To do that you absolutely must build your list of buyers! You need both an email database and a direct mail database. We'll show you how to do this. Again, we have a vested interest in your success. If you don't make money, we don't make money either.

We can advise you about what to do - how to make money and how to build your database, but we cannot force you to do anything. That's up to you. You will have your own business and be your own boss. Making your business successful requires ...

  • Focus
  • Perseverance
  • Tenacity
  • Knowledge
  • Patience

We're not promising you that you'll be a millionaire overnight! However, you will be building a business that can generate substantial income or your retirement. We'll help you and coach you - but YOU have to be willing to do your part as well.

Much of what we will be teaching you is confidential - for mall owners only - and will be discussed in a private area of the site.

What Type of Merchandise Is In The Mall?

First of all, we will not carry items that are being bounced around like footballs on the Internet, on eBay and even in brick and mortar stores. You see, when everybody starts cutting prices to the bone on say, LCD TVs, iPods, etc., there is no money to be made ... so why carry it?

We prefer products where you can make substantial profit!
This is where George and Arlene's merchandising abilities come into play.

Discount Marketplace initial inventory consists of products from SMC and B & F. Both of these companies are highly reputable! Some of you may be familiar with these companies - they are importers who will dropship directly to your customers. We have had accounts with these companies for many years and have built relationships with them. Now we are offering this to you ... you get orders from your customers, you send the orders to us, and we send them on for shipping. Very simple!

We are now negotiating pricing and terms with other vendors. We will keep all mall owners up to date as new vendors are added.

What's particularly exciting is the direct import jewelry program we should have available for Christmas. More details about this highly profitable program is available only to mall owners and is part of the coaching program.

What Is Your Investment?

A ONE-TIME membership enrollment of just $39.97 for your own customized mall. This includes the set-up of your mall by our programmer to insure all the pages are working correctly.

A MONTHLY maintenance of just $19.97 a month charged to the same credit card as your membership enrollment. Your monthly charge is billed every 30 days from the date you signed up.

The maintenance charges are for hosting the mall, changes to merchandise and pricing, necessary changes in programming, and other expenses for maintaining your Discount Marketplace Mall and keep it running smoothly. Being a Discount Marketplace mall owner is NOT for the short run. You either get commited for the long haul or don't do it at all!

As a Discount Marketplace mall owner you will be able to work direct mail, by ordering catalogs through us and mailing/distributing them to your list. There are no electronic catalogs (PDF files) available - hard copy catalogs only.

There are no LONG TERM contracts! If you find that the mall isn't for you, let us know no later than 10 days prior to your billing date and your mall will be taken down. You'll have no further obligations ... but you will no longer be able to buy at wholesale costs.


Below you'll see money making tools you can use all year round. As a Discount Marketplace Mall Owner, you'll be able to buy the catalogs through us at the best possible prices. The cost of the small catalogs varies between $.25 (yes, 25 cents!) and $.85 (85 cents). Sometimes these catalogs go on sale - especially the Christmas catalog. However, there's no better price than $.25. If you are already in the mail order business you know that 25 cents for a 32-page color catalog is extraordinary! (Keep in mind that postage is separate from the cost of the catalog.) AND, there's a special place on the back cover of each catalog designed for you to personalize them with your name or business name ... they're truly yours!

Christmas 2009 Catalog

32-page Christmas catalog available NOW.! We suggest mailing this catalog TWICE in the Fall ... beginning of October and mid-November.

This catalog consists of Christmas decor - the best selling Christmas items. You can also use the other catalogs in conjunction with the Christmas catalog in order to give your customer more options and give you a chance to increase your sales.

You should also use inserts of merchandise NOT found in these catalogs with every mailing/distribution. Just make sure your name/company name, address, phone, email are on the insert so your prospects know whom to contact when they want to place an order.

Family Avenue

32-page catalog packed with gifts for the entire family! You'll find merchandise for holidays such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and general gift-giving all year long. This catalog can be mailed twice a year as a direct mail piece.

Here's what makes Discount Marketplace different ... Each month you can insert our "Star Special Flyers" you can insert into the catalog. The items will change each month - books, jewelry, and many other items. Or, you can use these inserts, or you can make your own.

Town Square

24-page catalog is perfect for any season! This is an excellent direct mail piece. Once again, you can get our inserts or make your own. By now you are probably asking yourself, "What ARE inserts?" Let me explain ...

Inserts or flyers can be inserted into the catalog when you mail or distribute them. These inserts feature items NOT available in that particular catalog. For example ... in our "Star Special" flyers, we'll include items from our bookstore, such as our very popular DVD, "Million $$$ Secrets" that shows people how to buy real estate with no qualifying, no credit, and none of their own money!

WHY do we suggest adding inserts? The answer is very simple. The more choices you give your customer, the more likely you are to sell something. Now, the insert may slightly increase the cost of the postage, but you may be able to double or even triple your sales!

Marketing is always a trial and error situation, so you will have to test what you are mailing. It's a matter of testing, testing, and MORE testing! When Macy's or Target put a flyer together and either mail it or insert it into the Sunday paper, their flyer can be a winner or it can bomb out. However, they are most likely using their previous year's sales so they can make an educated guess if they have a winner.

Bayberry Lane

32-page catalog filled with exquisite items! This catalog has been in the SMC lineup for many years. It's a perfect mailer because the merchandise ranges in retail price from a low of $14.95 to a high of $249.95.

In the Spring edition [still available and on sale] you'll find all kinds of items for enjoying the warm summer weather ... hammocks for $69.95, a picnic backpack for $74.95, an acorn fountain (an item you can find in the home improvement stores NOT discounted) for $249.95.

And look at this fabulous 5-piece vase ensemble (also pictured on the cover of the Fall catalog) above that retails for only $49.95. If you cannot make money with that item then Discount Marketplace is not for you. We venture to say we can sell thousands of this 5-piece set. Further, you make a full 50% mark-up. We believe this item will sell the whole day long.

Big Value Book

32-page catalog with all merchandise priced at $19.95 or LESS! You'll find something for everybody ... flower shop, bird houses, gourmet cat salt and pepper sets, basketweave wine holder, Moroccan tabletop lamp, great values on garden plaques, windchimes, bird feeders, candles, accent pillows, and more. These are items your customers will want!

Summerfield Terrace

32-page catalog focuss on the always strong garden and home decor categories. This catalog will create business for you for the Spring and Summer. There are inexpensive decorative items as well as items like the Fairy Maiden Water Fountain shown below priced at $249.95 retail ...

"A fetching fairy maid pours water in sparkling tiers down a series of open blossoms. A splendid centerpiece for your garden!"
Comes with an electric water pump. UL Recognized. Fiberglass. 19 1/2" diameter x 42" high.

The Summerfield Terrace catalog has the right mix of price points and merchandise so everyone can find the right gift.

Simply For You

20-page catalog focuses on a spectacular array of candles, jewelry, cosmetics and candle lanterns. "Simply for You" is perfect for your female customers and for you to hold Home Parties. Here's another suggestion ... get a stack of these catalogs and leave them behind when on your next visit to the hairdresser or nail salon. A great way to pick up extra business!

The following catalogs show the full line of products from two suppliers. They are more costly to buy and mail. However, you should have a copy of each one so you know the full line of merchandise and so you can make your own flyers/inserts.

World of Products

390-page catalog is packed with all of the products - and MORE - you'll find in the small, cost-effective mailing catalogs. Here you will find the highly seasonal items along with items we did not include in the mall. On the website we are showcasing the best selling items that also have a good mark up so you can make money!

B & F Catalog

194-page catalog features different items than the World of Products. They focus on more practical products while the WOP catalog focuses more on gifty and decorative items. On the website we are showcasing the best selling items that (have a good mark up (so you can make money) and offer a substantial value to your customer!

B & F is a very established company that has been in business for over 55 years. We first started doing business with them in 1990 and promoting their cookware on TV. That just shows you that we have those "old relationships" - not only with B & F but with other companies as well that we are using as suppliers for Discount Marketplace. This company is very strong in cookware, cutlery, leather goods, clocks, knives, and much, much more.

As you can see, becoming a Discount Marketplace Mall Owner is not just buying into a mall. It is a REAL BUSINESS along with a program of marketing and merchandising that starts each year in January and really never ends.

We will have 14 Star Special flyers/inserts that you will be able to send to your customers electronically - or you can print them out and insert them with a catalog. Basically each month we will increase your marketing by creating flyers with discounted prices and/or items not shown in the printed catalogs. We'll support your marketing efforts with additional flyers in November and December.

Discount Marketplace is very unique ... nobody has a similar program. You don't compete with discounters and price cutters. Your customer is someone who like to shop online and through direct mail. Your customer is one who buys through mail order catalogs.

All retail businesses are oriented for successful sales during the Christmas season. And that will be YOUR goal as well!

Let's say you love retail and this opportunity seems phenomenal to you ... and it IS! However, we must advise you that you are NOT going to make a boat load of money next month! It doesn't exist. There are some things you have to do ...

  • First you will have to build your opt-in email list and a direct mail list of mail order buyers. Once you have a list of targeted, interested, and viable prospects, you can start contacting them and selling them your products.
  • You need to become educated in merchandising and marketing. Why is this important? If you don't have the right mix of merchandise at substantial profit, you won't stay in business.
  • There are confidential topics for "Members Only" that will be discussed with mall owners in a future private section of the website.

Now, you will have access to thousands of items at wholesale. You can use the catalogs and Star Special flyers to start marketing to your prospects immediately.

Here are just a few examples of the highly profitable merchandise B & F has to offer ...

You can buy this 30 piece stainless steel cookware set at the published retail price of $795.00 - OR, as a mall owner - buy it at wholesale for just $89.99 ...

How about this leather jacket? The published retail price is $65.95 - OR, as a mall owner - buy it at wholesale for just $19.97 ...

Here's a great gift for DAD - a 25-piece Tool Set. The published retail price is $27.95 - OR, as a mall owner - buy it at wholesale for just $7.50 ...

How MUCH Money Can You Make
And How FAST Can You Make It?

We really don't have the answer to that question because each mall owner will work the business differently. However, if you follow our coaching lessons and start using the mail pieces, you can get your business off to a running start.

Those of you who have built up an email or direct mail list from a previous business have a HUGE advantage. You can start marketing your mall to your previous customers immediately!

Selling Is a Matter of Building Relationships!

So, let's say you are a Realtor or a mortgage broker, but business has dropped off due to the current real estate market. You already have a list of people who have done business with you and trust you. Start mailing catalogs to them right away! You also have farm areas where you were prospecting for sellers. Why not mail catalogs or flyers to those people? They already know your name. You have already built up a relationship with your past customers as well as prospects.

How Are Orders Shipped To Your Customers?

Orders are drop-shipped directly from the suppliers. The return address does NOT show the supplier's company name. The shipping label will show as Discount Marketplace with our corporate address in West Palm Beach, Florida. Your customer will never see the name of the company doing the drop shipping. We have to protect your integrity when doing business with us.

Why Discount Marketplace Mall Owners
Will Succeed and Others Won't?

The answer is very simple. You'll have so many marketing tools and coaching, it is next to impossible for you to fail! Just read below ...

  • You are selling a mix of proven best sellers along with a mall and 27 stores. The competition doesn't have it.
  • You will learn how to build the right email list - and how to PROPERLY use it.
  • You will learn how to build mailing lists for direct mail - and how to PROPERLY use them.
  • There will be 14 Star Special Flyers a year of DEEPLY discounted products in various catagories. We will be bringing in lots of products on a direct import basis - something the competition has no clue what I'm talking about. But, YOU will know - when you sign up.
  • New lines and new products will be added on a continuing basis.
  • You will have access to 3,500+ items at wholesale.
  • You can open your own store with your own products - as long as YOU own the product and are responsible for shipping. Example: If you are located in Alaska and in the fish business, you can open your own store and sell fish. Don't laugh - Costa Rica has a huge lobster export business!

There are two things that are essential for your business ...

  1. An opt-in page
  2. An autoresponder

These two tools are the key to a successful business! We'll show you how and where to go to set them up. More important, we'll teach you how to use them so you make money! Without an opt-in page and an autoresponder, you will have a very difficult time to make money online. It's essential that you build a database of targeted prospects and customers! And that can begin as soon as these tools are up and running.

In order to set up your opt-in page, you will need a separate website. The Discount Marketplace programming could not be set up for that. This is where you collect the names, emails, and postal addresses of interested prospects. When they "opt-in" to your list, they will be added to your autoresponder so you can freely email them and mail to them. We will share with you the hosting and autoresponder companies we use every day ....

Excellent Inexpensive Website Hosting

Best Autoresponder Company

These two tools are the best investment you can make for your Discount Marketplace business. The autoresponder can collect emails and postal addresses (you'll need both). The best part is you can program emails for an entire year! PRICELESS! Your opt-in page is something we'll address in our coaching classes - FREE for Mall Owners.

Imagine ... you'll have experienced businesspeople teaching you how to make money with your Discount Marketplace Mall and 27 stores. It could be 54 stores when we open another level in the mall.

Some of you may be wondering, "Is it smart to start a business when the country is in a recession?" The answer is ... It's the BEST time - EVER! You will certainly have less competition.

The Formula For Making Money
As A Discount Marketplace Mall Owner

Job #1: You build an email list and mailing list of people who like to shop online and through mail order catalogs. The bigger the list - and knowing HOW to use it - the more money you will make.

You can do substantial business when you learn how to utilize the email and mailing lists for selling products. This is part of our coaching program. When you become a Discount Marketplace mall owner, you'll have access to our private membership site where you can post questions and we'll be able to discuss the business right there.

Job #2: Your landing page and opt-in area for your prospects is what will help you build your lists. Don't panic. We'll be discussing all this in our coaching emails and in the members area. We'll even show you how to set up your page so the search engines can find you - the right keywords and meta tags are essential. If you are willing to learn, we are here to teach you what you need to know.

Job #3: Get all the catalogs we showed you above. They will be an integral part of your business. Yes, you can do lots of business online. But there are still plenty of folks who like to have a hard copy catalog so they can see all of the products. First step is to get a package of the catalogs for yourself (about $20) and then, when you build a list, you can order the mailing pieces.

You Will Laugh At Money Worries
When You Follow Our Weekly Training And Coaching
Packed With Ideas From Our Team Of Experts ...
Skilled In Retail, Merchandising, And Marketing!

Ready To Get Started As A
Discount Marketplace Mall Owner?

Now is the best time to get started with your Discount Marketplace Mall. With the economy the way it is, everybody is looking for bargains. Instead of the hassle of driving to stores, bucking the crowds, fighting for a parking space, and all the other hassles of shopping, your customers can shop while sitting around in their pajamas - even if it's 2:00 in the morning!

We are limiting this offer to 1,000 mall owners!

Why only 1,000 mall owners? Because that's the maximum number of mall owners we can effectively work with - for both training and handling orders - without compromising service.

Use our secure shopping cart link in the box below and sign up for your Discount Marketplace Mall today. If you miss this opportunity now, we'll put you on our waiting list and let you know when space comes available.


YES! I want my own Discount Marketplace Mall! Please charge my credit card a one-time set up fee of $39.97 plus the first month hosting/maintenance fee of $19.97 for a total of $59.94. (I understand I can cancel and close my mall by notifying you via email prior to my billing date for the following month. I also undertand there are no refunds for the enrollment fee or the monthly hosting fee.)

I'm REALLY SERIOUS about having my own Discount Marketplace Mall! Please send me all the catalogs and price lists so I can get started on my direct mail campaigns. Please charge the same credit card $12.95 (our costs) + $9.95 shipping/handling. (I understand there are no refunds for the catalogs and price lists.)

And for those of you who act right away, we'll send you the following BONUSES - absolutely FREE ... valued at over $2,600!

One EACH of the Bonus Certificates shown below ...

In these tough economic times, we're all looking for a way to save money. These certificates help you do just that. Discover how you can get some rest and recreation in for FREE in some of the most wanted vacation destinations ... save up to $1,000 in groceries ... save when dining in some of America's favorite restaurants!

  • Vacation Ideas certificate for a 3 day/2 night stay in the city of your choice (from the list provided by Vacation Ideas) such as Las Vegas, NV, Daytona Beach, FL, Atlantic City, NJ, Cancun, Mexico, Orland, FL, Myrtle Beach, SC, Honolulu, HI - and many more!
  • Supermarket Magic certificate for a savings of $1,000 in groceries - valid at ANY supermarket. Just select from a list of national brand products - no more clipping coupons to save on a few items. In these economic times, it makes sense to save on the necessities of life.
  • Restaurant Coupons Nationwide certificate and enjoy $1,000 OFF America's favorite restaurants. Choose from ... TGI Friday's, Applebee's, Olive Garden, Planet Hollywood, Subway, Burger King, Ruby Tuesday, KFC, Wendy's and many, many more! You receive 100, $10 vouchers to redeem for savings at your favorite eateries.
  • Value of ALL 3 Certificates: $2,600 or more!

    As you can see, the whole "secret" is in marketing! There is no other secret. And we'll teach you everything we know about how to CREATE your lists and how to PROFIT from those lists!

    Christmas 2009 is where you start! You cannot be depressed about the economy ... as we stated earlier, you must build YOUR OWN economy! You must BUILD your business while others are telling you the world is falling apart.

    The goal for your success with your Discount Marketplace Mall is very simple ... begin building your email and direct mail lists right away. We are doing the exact same thing. Christmas 2009 is the start. And Christmas 2010 is where you'll REALLY soar.

    Get ready to mail Christmas 2009 catalogs ... we are!

    Ready to see a mall "in action?"

    Use the link below to see the mall we set up for my wife, Arlene. You will have the exact same mall - with YOUR personal information and programmed for YOU to receive the orders FIRST!

    Discount Marketplace Mall

    If you have additional questions we didn't cover here,
    visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page

    Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy Statement Terms Of Use Agreement & Disclaimer Terms of Sale Anti-Spam Policy

    ęCopyright Discount Marketplace/How 2 Information, Inc. - All rights reserved.
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    Phone: 561-883-2222 E-mail: Contact Us

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