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Brought to you by George Paukert, "Mr. Real Estate"

George Paukert - Mr. Real Estate Agents and Brokers,

The BEST prospecting tool is here! It is called, "The Prospector." This long awaited prospecting tool is now available to you on a CD or download it as a .zip file. Start prospecting a new way - tomorrow! That's how easy and simple it is.

Why do you need a prospecting/follow-up system? Everyone has a problem with prospecting for new clients and following up with existing and past clients and sphere of influence. Every salesperson spends "big bucks" to get a new prospects using expensive ads instead of using a simple newsletter system.

And most sales people never have the "time" to follow up with past clients and their sphere of influence ... even though they paid dearly for them. A satisfied past client or customer is your best source for future referrals. You just have to keep your name in front of them so they don't forget you!

From past experience, I found that sending the newsletter to prospects, clients, and sphere of influence twice a month will generate substantial income for you. Especially if you listen to me and keep building your list!

What is the "Keep In Touch" Prospector/Newsletter Program?

client newsletters on cd You receive all 24 newsletters + 1 Bonus newsletter on a CD. Written by Mr. Real Estate, each one of these newsletters asks for business. You cannot lose! You don't have to do much. Each newsletter is already written for you in a Word document. All you have to do is personalize it and customize to your business.

These newsletters are an incredible value!! We are including some suggested formats for you to use as an e-mail newsletter, a web page newsletter, or an offline newsletter. You just enter your name, company name, phone number, e-mail address, website (if you have one), your picture --- and you are in the business of publishing your own newsletter.

You only want to send a newsletter once a month? OK ... then you have a TWO year supply of newsletters! How can you go wrong??

Newsletters are the BEST listing tool ...
IF you use them properly.

Be sure to read everything carefully. I have included many questions and many tips for using these newsletters to your best advantage ...

  1. Who should receive your newsletter? Everybody in your farm area, your past clients and customers, your current prospects - your entire sphere of influence. I would seriously consider sending the newsletter by postal mail AND e-mail.
  2. Why should you send these newsletters to your buyers, sellers, and farm areas? It will put your name, your face, and your company in front of your past clients and customers as well as future buyers and sellers. The newsletter will advertise your knowledge, skills, techniques, and your business. Most important, it will remind people you are still in the real estate business.
  3. What other ways can you use the newsletters? Any way you can! Be creative! Itís all about getting your name and your face in front of people. More about it in my special report.
  4. How should you personalize the newsletter? You should definitely use your picture, your name, company name, office address, phone numbers including your FAX number, website, and your e-mail address.
  5. What can you add to your newsletter? Again, be creative! You'll find many suggestions and ideas in my FREE Bonus Report when you order the program. You should decide on a name for your newsletter. It helps people to remember it ... and you! We use the name, Real Estate News. If you like it, feel free to use it - or make up one of your own.

    I always included information about what properties sold, where, and for how much, as well as the real estate trend in my specific area. I would then divide the sales by category: Single family homes, townhomes, and condos. I would mention raw land or four-plexes, and other "odd" categories. People are curious.

  6. Do you have expertise in some other field? Add it to your newsletter. Are you a good golfer? Talk about golf. Do you knit? Talk about knitting. Do you have pets? Be sure to put their pictures in the newsletter. This is an easy way to win people over.

    catsHere is a picture of my two cats. Could any buyer or seller who loves cats resist faces like these? They even have real estate names. The gray cat is named Fisbo - yes, we got her from a FSBO and orginally named her FSBO, but the vet couldn't pronounce her name. The white and black cat is named Star because I had just completed Floyd Wickman's Sweathog program when my wife and I adopted her. STAR stands for: Skill, Technique, Attitude, and Results. And her personality fits that description completely!

  7. Guaranteed listing appointments. If you do all of the above, you wonít have to worry about where your business is coming from. You will get listing appointments. Buyers will be calling you. And past clients and customers will send referrals your way.

    A newsletter sent on a regular basis is a tool for total success in your real estate business.

  8. How well does a newsletter work? Youíll be surprised at how well it works! Yet, it is so simple. I would go on listing appointments in my farm areas and find a stack of my newsletters neatly stacked up by the kitchen phone. My newsletter was my most powerful weapon against my competition.

    Your newsletter will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. It will build your image and your name. In my case, the sellers would rather take the risk listing the house with me at 7% commission versus another agent they didnít "know" at 5%, 4%, or less commission!

  9. Whatís the biggest secret? Send your newsletter like clockwork every month or twice a month ... whatever you decide. And do it month after month, year after year. Itís called perseverance, perseverance, and more perseverance. While 98% of agents sooner or later quit, do yourself a favor. Be PERSISTENT and DONíT QUIT!
  10. What format should you use? Once again, be creative! I am giving you some suggestions on the CD. You can copy it as is, and just put your own contact information in it and thatís that. Either send it by e-mail or you can print it on your letterhead for a simple newsletter and send it by postal mail.

    Another nice feature about the newsletters is that you can call the people you sent it to and ask them if they received it. It makes a warm call out of a cold call and you can easily change the subject by asking them, "When do you think youíll be selling your home?" Theyíll tell you. Write it down. Call them two months before that time. Future business is what itís all about!

  11. What content should be in the newsletters? Frankly speaking, it really doesnít matter. Itís not about getting the Pulitzer Prize for the best article. Itís about networking and advertising your name and keeping in touch with customers and prospects. People are not going to measure your literary skills. They are interested in your real estate skills! They know you are not another Hemingway. They just want to know if you are the right real estate professional for them. And thatís the whole point.

    There are two important factors about the "Keep In Touch" newsletters:

    • They are simple and easy for you to put together.
    • Send the newsletters out on a regular basis ... like clockwork. Select a day of the month to send them out without fail. Do this month after month - always on time. Why? After receiving your newsletter every month on the 18th of the month, people get used to it and expect your newsletter to arrive the same day every month.

  12. Hereís a brief explanation about the newsletters. They are written in a style that makes the seller realize that the real estate business is hard work, requires special knowledge, and that selling their home FSBO is not in their best interest. The idea is to get the sellers to call YOU for help.

    Here is a sample of one newsletter on an interesting subject - a true story. Remember, when you are reading it, don't expect the sellers to do the calculations as suggested. Instead, we expect the sellers to call you so you can help them with the calculations. The idea is to make you the hero because YOU are the real estate professional. You can read the sample newsletter by Clicking Here.

    Thatís the spirit of the newsletters - to show the buyers and sellers that buying or selling a home is a very difficult task and thatís why they need YOU! The newsletters will show them that there are components of the real estate transaction that are way beyond their abilities. Thatís where you come in and thatís when you get the call to come and help them.

The "Keep In Touch" Newsletters are only $49.95 ... that breaks down to LESS THAN $2 per newsletter!

Isn't your business worth $49.95 for 25 newsletters? This small investment can create a minimum $100,000 income a year!

Don't procrastinate! Take action right NOW ... Use our secure shopping cart below and click on the "Add to Cart" button.

The shopping cart will give you the discount when you place your order!

Keep in Touch/Prospector CD
Qty: Price: $49.95 Sale: $39.96 Shipping: $8.95

Click Here to order by Fax or Mail. If you prefer to mail/fax your order (for Hard Copy CD and Report Only), just print out the form, fill it out and mail/fax it to us. THIS is NOT an ONLINE form. Please use our SECURE SHOPPING CART above to submit CREDIT CARD orders online.


Electronic Version Now Available - INSTANT Download! To order your copy of the "Keep In Touch/Prospector" as a .zip file,use the link below. Once your credit card is approved, you will have instant access to the download page. You can then save it to your hard drive and start using it immediately!


We accept all major credit cards - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

The Prospector Bonus ReportAnd when you order, I'll include my SPECIAL REPORT, "The Prospector," as a FREE Bonus! If you need business because you are a new agent just starting out or whether you want to increase the business you already have, mail your newsletter on a consistent basis to prospects and farm areas. Plus, you can keep in touch with clients, customers, and your sphere of influence the easy way!

Included in this Bonus Report are ...

  • Ideas for using your newsletter - besides mail
  • Additional contents for your newsletter
  • Formats
  • Suggestions

Use this program properly, and it could be worth a minumum of $100,000 additional income! Now, that's a fantastic return on a small investment.


The shopping cart will give you the discount when you place your order!

Keep in Touch/Prospector CD
Qty: Price: $49.95 Sale: $39.96 Shipping: $8.95



Think, act, and grow rich with us,

George Paukert
Mr. Real Estate

P.S. To see a copy of the "Real Estate News" #1 use the link below. This is not a sample, but the first newsletter on the CD. We are making this available for your review because there are no refunds on the "Keep In Touch" newsletter CD because they can be downloaded to your computer, so there is nothing to "return." You can see a copy of the first newsletter at Real Estate News #1..

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