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Top Secret It's All in the Delivery CD

Declassified by Mr. Real Estate

From the Desk of George Paukert, "Mr. Real Estate"
Tuesday, 10:36 AM

Mr. Real EstateDear Real Estate Brokers and Agents,

In "TOP SECRET," I reveal things I have NEVER revealed before. I guess I just felt it was very personal material. Maybe I felt it was nobody's business what I said during a listing presentation, or how I said it.

However, after receiving umpteen e-mails from agents across the country asking me what should they say while giving their listing presentation, I realized that ...


It is a tool that ALL successful presenters use ...

All successful seminar speakers use one.

All successful salespeople use one.

Even the President of the United States uses a "canned presentation" for every speech. (Of course, he can read it from a TelePrompter, but you won't be able to do that.)

All successful REAL ESTATE AGENTS use one. Don't think for one minute that the agent who makes serious money goes to the seller without having a canned presentation. Of course they do and that's why they make big bucks.

After all, as a real estate agent, you are in the selling business and need to know EXACTLY what you are going to say at every point in your presentation. In other words, you must have a good, "canned," presentation - for Sellers AND for Buyers.

To put it very simply, you cannot just "shoot from the hip" or let your mouth "go for a walk." Getting listings is too important for your business success ... you should do a 100% presentation to get that listing.

Over the last few years, agents asked me to make a CD and tell them exactly what they should say. Well, I responded and made that CD. It is called, "It's All in the DELIVERY!"

Below you will find the chapters included in "TOP SECRET." The title of Chapter 8 is called, "10 Presentations, Get 9 Listings." I really want you to get 10 out of 10. You actually should get at least 12 listings out of 10 listing appointments. Impossible?

Nothing is impossible unless YOU think it's impossible.

Please take a few moments and review the chapters I really do wish all of you purchase the "TOP SECRET" book and the "It's All in the DELIVERY!" CD now. I'll tell you why. I always offer Bonus Reports when I promote a new book. During our "pre-construction" promotion, I included two terrific FREE Bonus Reports. However, I still have some of these reports left - I will include them with your order ... but only while supplies last!

It's All in the DELIVERY! CD contains 11 "canned" listing presentations all done in Microsoft Word so you can add your name, your company information, select what you want, add to it, subtract what you don't like ... whatever you want to do. Just make it fit your needs. Then:

  • Print it out.
  • Memorize it.
  • Rehearse it.
After a few presentations, it will become very natural for you.

I call the "TOP SECRET" book and the CD, "It's All in the DELIVERY," the real estate "Show and Tell." It's a powerful tool for you to get listings. And we all know, that listings are the name of the game.

PLUS - you'll find "all the SCRIPTS known to man." Find out what to say to FSBOs, Expireds, Buyers, Open Houses, Door Knocking, E-mail messages you can send out to prospects, scripts for any other occasion.

This CD is a $99.97 value. Again, "It's All in the DELIVERY" CD contains 11 listing presentations and "all the SCRIPTS known to man" all done in Microsoft Word. Just add your info, change things you don't like or want, add to it, print it, memorize it ... AND GET GOING!

BONUS REPORT #1 SPECIAL REPORT: "The BEST of Jay Abraham" In my opinion, Jay Abraham is a marketing genius - he has the best business ideas available today. I have almost everyone of his materials - at least 1,000 hours of cassette tapes.

Now, I don't want to copy or plagerize Jay Abraham's materials. This is a summary of his best ideas that are applicable for REALTORS. This is a VERY SPECIAL REPORT - Just awesome information.

BONUS #2 SPECIAL REPORT: "The Deep, Dark Secrets of Making a Fortune on the Internet." This is a special report I wrote to show you how to use the Internet for making money. This report is PRICELESS - all secrets revealed - especially what works and what doesn't. Information you absolutely MUST have.

Table of Contents for "TOP SECRET"

TOP SECRET It's All in the Delivery CD

Chapter 1 - 37 Ways To Get Listings

Chapter 2 - 11 Important Steps You MUST Take Before Any Appointment

Chapter 3 - 1 Thing To Do On The Way To The Seller

Chapter 4 - 11 Canned Listing Presentations - One Basic, 10 Variations

Chapter 5 - 6 "Less Traveled Roads"

Chapter 6 - 8 Items You Must Take With You

Chapter 7 - 1 - That's The ONLY Chance You Get

Chapter 8 - 10 Presentations, Get At Least 9 Listings

Chapter 9 - 3 Things You Must Know BEFORE You Leave Your Office

Chapter 10 - 1 Goal Only - 7% Listing, 188 Days

Chapter 11 - 55 Ways To Make Sure The Listing SELLS

Chapter 12 - 2 Things The Seller Wants To Know

Chapter 13 - 5 Best Ways To Sell Your Own Listings

Chapter 14 - 7 Mistakes You CANNOT Make

Chapter 15 - 6 Ways To Use The Internet

Chapter 16 - 16 Chapters and 16 Steps to Success

Let's recap what's included in our "TOP SECRET" Book/CD Package:

  • "TOP SECRET" - my BEST book ... ever.
  • "It's All in the DELIVERY" CD - Containing 11 canned listing presentations and "all the scripts known to man."
  • Bonus Report #1: The BEST of Jay Abraham - The special report I created summarizing Jay Abraham's best marketing ideas for Realtors.
  • Bonus Report #2: "Deep, Dark Secrets of Making a Fortune on the Internet" - where I show you how to get the most out of the Internet and how to utilize the Internet for making money.

Don't miss the boat. Order right NOW. Remember, when our inventory of these FREE Bonus Reports is gone, they're gone!

The cost of the "TOP SECRET" book is $39.97 and the CD, "It's All in the DELIVERY!" is $99.97 - if purchased separately. However, I believe they should be used together for maximum results.

So, I decided to make a special package for you and give you a discount for purchasing the book and CD together. Your cost is $139.94 $69.97! And, of course, you'll get my 1,000 day guarantee! If you are not satisfied, return it in re-salable condition, and we'll refund your purchase price excluding shipping and handling charges.

It ALL Can Be YOURS TODAY At Only $139.94 $69.97!

For U.S. Orders ONLY:

Qty: Price: $139.90 $69.97 Shipping: $10.95


Qty: Price: $139.90 $69.97 Shipping: $17.95

I wish you tremendous success in your real estate career!

Best regards,

George Paukert
Mr. Real Estate

P.S. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. The best way to reach me is by sending an e-mail to: Mr. Real Estate. You will receive my personal reply.

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