"How to Become a
Successful Real Estate Agent"

Mr. Real Estate Dear Real Estate Agents and Brokers,

If you want to increase your business substantially, you are at the right website.

There are thousands of so-called "gurus" on the Internet selling materials, books, or courses that won't make you a dime. Why? These people have never been in the real estate business. They have never been in the "trenches." They have no clue about...

  • Cold calling
  • Knocking on doors
  • Seeing angry expireds
  • Talking to FSBOs
  • Being "brushed off" by owners of luxury homes
  • And they definitely don't understand the AGONY of transactions falling out of escrow - especially when your livelihood depends on those closings.


197 Letters for Real Estate Agents
CD + Manual - Special Promotion

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"197 Letters for Real Estate Agents" is brought to you by George & Arlene Paukert, "Mr. & Mrs. Real Estate."

The package contains a CD with more than 197 of the BEST "quick and easy" letters - EVER - already prepared for you to mail to FSBOs, Expireds, Farm Areas, Homeowners, and Tenants. All the letters are in Word - ready for you to personalize and use.

In the manual you'll find tips and ideas for using the letters to the max. Mail is one of the best ways to prospect for new business. But you must be disciplined to mail on a regular and consistent basis. You'll discover how to do this in the manual.

No big, long web page ... no big, long sales pitch. Just the best tool for direct mail prospecting for real estate professionals.

Take advantage of the 30% discount which will only be available for a limited time, so make sure you ACT TODAY!

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197 Letters CD + Manual -
Estimated Ship Date: 1st week of March

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197 Letters CD + Manual -
Estimated Ship Date: 1st week of March

Qty: Price: $99.97 $69.97 Shipping: $22.95

What is Mr. Real Estate's "Claim to Fame"?

George Paukert, "Mr. Real Estate," was a very successful real estate agent. His former broker and partner in the office thought he should be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Why? Since 1989 when he first began his real estate career, he never took any residential listing under 7% commission!

When George worked with buyers, he showed them 3 or 4 houses and sold one. "Secrets of Selling a Home in 3 Hours or Less" has all the particulars. It's ridiculous to chauffeur buyers around for days ... or even weeks.

George was the #1 agent in listings and sales in a special luxury homes community. "The ART of Listing & Selling LUXURY HOMES" shows you how YOU can break into that market.

Below are the materials Mr. Real Estate has personally written for real estate professionals. Each one deals with a different topic that has a significant effect on your business. For more information and how to order, just scroll down and click on the link in the description of each title.

What makes Mr. Real Estate's materials different?

Mr. Real Estate created each book, report, CD, and diskette
with thoughts of YOU, for YOU, by one of YOU.

THAT'S the big difference.

For the past several years, Mr. Real Estate been helping agents - online and offline - to make more money and become more successful in their business.

Below are just a few of the thousands of
George has received over the years ...

"Thanks for the very welcome email you personally sent to me yesterday. I treasure the information in it and appreciate the counsel and guidance."

Warren Rosenbaum, Bakersfield, CA

"Just writing to let you know my wife, Carla, has gotten 3 listing in one week, 2 of them at 9%!! and one at 6% ... Listed 3 very nice homes and sold one in 3 days @ 9% . You guys are Great!! We're learning."

Cal Mennie, Calgary, AB Canada

"I would like to commend you for putting together a much needed and informative book on Insider Secrets to Real Estate. Although I have only been in the industry for one year I found the tips you provided very educational and interesting, and I will certainly try to apply your techniques to make me a more successful Realtor."

Serge McCray, REALTOR«

"Got the book and LOVE the ideas in it! I'm one of those "geeks" who will do it all! The Creative Financing.......100% will get me in the door in my farm areas ALOT more often! What a super LISTING TOOL! Like all of your other stuff, it is something to bite into. It's not for everyone, but for agents will balls, it is the best thing on the market! My goal this year is to double my number of sales. Now, I am very confident I will do it! Thanks George!"

Vincent Arcuri
#1 ERA Agent - Tampa, FL

"As always, I was reminded of some very important steps to take for my real estate business ... I also learned some important new tools and methods. Thank you for sharing this helpful information with other agents."

Sharon Dixon, Omaha, Ne

"Thanks again for sharing your experiences and I am using all of your materials with great enthusiasm."

Erika Kay, Corona, CA

"Received your book Insider Secrets - VERY GOOD! Am in the process of taking my first listing that would use the creative financing options in your book. Thank you!"

Diana Kopecky, Broker, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Real Estate's
"REALTORS' Tools of the Trade"

Real Estate Success Book CDAre you going on listing presentations, but not taking the listings? Help is here! The "Real Estate Success Book" CD - A GUIDE to show you what you need in YOUR listing presentation book. This is the EXACT book I used to take all my listings at a minimum of 7% commission. The "Real Estate Success Book" CD can definitely help you increase your listing inventory. Click Here for details.

Insider Secrets for Real Estate Professionals Are you ready to list 10 - 20 - 30 homes every month? The best selling book, "Insider Secrets for Real Estate Professionals" is a step-by-step guide which shows you how to find the houses, how to list them, and how to sell them. And, of course, how to get 7% commission each and every time. I used all the techniques I am sharing with you in this book. Learn new ideas to get the sellers to call YOU. Click Here for details.

Secrets of Selling a Home in 3 HOURS or Less!Tired of buyers running you around? "Secrets of Selling a Home in 3 HOURS or Less!" teaches you how YOU can sell your buyer a home in 3 hours or less. This is the exact recipe I followed when I worked with buyers. Master the art of working with buyers to sell them a house in a few HOURS, not a few DAYS! Click Here for details.

The ART of Listing & Selling LUXURY HOMES"The ART of Listing & Selling LUXURY HOMES" - If you have always wanted to get into the luxury home business, but didn't know where to begin, "The ART of Listing & Selling LUXURY HOMES" will get you off to a running start. Find out how YOU can "crack" this market - EVEN if you have never sold a luxury home before! Click Here for details.

The ART of Listing & Selling LUXURY HOMESHow to Make Life Changing income with "The Art of Listing & Selling Luxury Homes! PART 2." Part 2 is completely different than the original book (above). You'll find out what luxury home sellers are looking for in an agent ... right from the horse's mouth. You'll also learn the step-by-step - from A to Z process for listing and selling luxury homes. What can be better than that? Get a giant head start on your competiton! For details about our LATEST best selling book, Click Here.

24 client newsletters with prospector report"Keep In Touch/The Prospector CD" - On the "Keep In Touch/Prospector" CD you receive 24 newsletters + 1 Bonus newsletter. Written by Mr. Real Estate, each one of these newsletters asks for business. You cannot lose! You don't have to do much. Each newsletter is already written for you in a Word document. All you have to do is personalize it and customize to your business.Also included is our Free BONUS Report, "The Prospector," which shows you how to use the newsletters for maximum results. Click Here for details.

How to CONQUER the Expireds! Besides finding plenty of ideas about working expired listings, "How to CONQUER the Expireds!"- shows you how to start your road map to making $30,000,000 in the next few years! Mr. Real Estate reveals his "secret" ideas, scripts, and mailers in this TOP selling book. For details ... Click Here.

Top SecretIt's All in the DELIVERY CD As a sales professional, you MUST know what you are going to say to seller AND buyers. You cannot just "shoot from the hip" and expect to be a successful agent. Our "TOP SECRET" book and "It's All in the DELIVERY!" CD gives you 11 canned listing presentations and scripts you can use for all occasions. Click Here for more details.

Ultimate Weapon for Making Insane Income DISCOVER what the MILLIONAIRE Internet gurus are doing today to make $500,000 - $1,000,000 a DAY! And YOU can, too - once you know the SECRETS. This manual will teach YOU how to generate consistent, unstoppable streams of income ... and have FUN doing it! Click Here for more details.

Guerrilla Tactics for Selling ANY Home We all keep trying to figure out the "magic recipe" - how to WORK LESS and MAKE MORE. "Guerrilla Tactics for Selling ANY Home" will show you how to make more MONEY for your sellers, get more LISTINGS, and blow your competition out of the water! Click Here for more details.

Real Estate Agent's Survival Guide Mr. Real Estate created the Real Estate Agent's Survival Guide" for ALL real estate professionals. It's packed with a multitude of different activities to help you THRIVE in the real estate business. Learn about a segment of the business most agents ignore - and get all the forms you need to work it. You won't find this information ANYWHERE ELSE! Click Here for more details.

197 Letters Manual 197 Letters CD Discover the "tips and tricks" for using direct mail to home sellers, FSBOs, expireds, buyers, and more. All letters on the CD are in Microsoft Word ... quick and easy for you to personalize and mail out. Click Here for more details.

How to Win the Foreclosure Game With interest rates rising, "exotic" ARM loans coming due, a slowing market, and new federal lending guidelines going into effect, foreclosures are rising at a rapid pace. The news may sound like doom and gloom, but it's really GOOD NEWS for Realtors and investors who learn "How to Win the Foreclosure Game!" Are YOU one of them? To get the details Click Here.

Secrets of the Millionaire Listing Agents"Secrets of the Millionaire Listing Agents" is totally different from ANY real estate book you bought before. Why? I show you how to use "the secret" - the Law of Attraction to explode your real estate business. And then I show you how to aggressively pursue the business so YOU will become a Top Producer! To get the details Click Here.

Creative Financing for Realtors Sellers can't sell? Buyers can't buy? "Creative Financing for Realtors" is the SOLUTION! In less than 5 minutes you'll discover how to immediately take your business to a level you cannot even imagine right now. To find out how to generate more calls from buyers and sellers, more sales, and more subscribers to your newsletter, Click Here.

Owner Financing Newsletter The intent of the "Owner Financing" monthly newsletter is to educate your sellers and buyers about owner financing. When you approach them about selling their home and offering terms to the buyers, they could be more pre-disposed to owner financing. This helps YOU sell their home FAST and for a higher price! The homeowner wins, the buyer wins, and YOU win. To get details about how to subscribe, Click Here.

111 Ways to Buy Homes When sellers have to come out of pocket to sell and buyers can't qualify under the new federal guidelines, it is up to you to find alternative methods for gerting buyers into houses. "111 Ways to Buy Homes" does just that! Click Here.

Tough Objections - Tough Answers How much MORE money would YOU have if you knew multiple answers to the most common objections that buyers and sellers have? "Tough Objections - Tough Answers" shows you how to become an Expert on WHAT to answer and HOW to answer those very tough objections. Guaranteed success for every Realtor! Click Here for details.

21 Steps for Creating Listings That Sell It makes no sense to take listings, build your listing inventory, and then be unable to SELL those listings! Mr. Real Estate's book, "21 Steps For Creating Listings That Sell" shows you what you need to do create salable listings when nothing is selling. Click Here for details.

Looking for a FSBO Mailing List? Everything is in leads and working the percentages! When you subscribe to our FSBO Mailing List, you will receive downloadable leads every month with FSBO in all 50 states! electronically via email. The leads are separated by state. You get name, address, phone, and e-mail (if available). everything is in leads and working the percentages! The more leads you have, the higher percentage of FSBOs you can turn into customers and commission or fees. Click Here for details.

Are you SERIOUS about your real estate business? Then you'll want to know about the special offers I put together that you MUST take advantage of. When you purchase any of the packages described below, you'll save 10% off the regular price! AND you'll save over 60% on the shipping/handling charges. Check out our Combination Packages - Click Here

Each package includes Special BONUS Reports ... they can CHANGE your business and make you MONEY!

FREE Training for Realtors!

Get Mr. Real Estate's 7-Day FREE "QUICK START" Training Course for REALTORS«. Excellent information for the new AND seasoned real estate professional. Subscribe using the form below. Day 1 should arrive in your e-mail box in just a few minutes.



Do YOU want to break the FSBO Code?
Do YOU want to be the #1 Agent in YOUR Market?


Click Here for details!

Best regards,

George Paukert
Mr. Real Estate

Interested in investing in real estate without using any of your OWN money? The "Mr. Real Estate Monthly" is just what you've been looking for. Read my free report, "The Real Estate Agent's Gold Mine" by Clicking Here.

Time to learn about Creative Financing? Our "Million $$$ Secrets" site will show you exactly how it works - just Click Here. Time to learn about Creative Financing? And you'll discover how you can help your buyers and sellers using the same techniques.

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