Attention Real Estate Investors:
Losing money on your rental properties?
Here's your SOLUTION ...

Thanks for visiting our Rentals Are a Dumb Idea Seminar Registration page ...
but we must warn you right up front...

What you are about to read MAY OFFEND YOU! Why??

Well, quite simply, what we will be sharing with you in this upcoming seminar on March 31st 2012 in West Palm Beach, Florida will not be like ANYTHING YOU MAY HAVE EVER HEARD BEFORE!

How can we make such a bold statement?
Because We Know What's Out There AND What You Have Been HEARING!

But, before we continue, letís get something straight right up front...

If you are looking for someone to tell you how bad everything is and how you should just keep on hunkering down until the chaos
that may be in the economy passes you by, then you can quietly leave this page right now and never come back.
No Harm. No Foul. You have our permission to leave and leave you should.
(Okay that the tire kickers and doom and gloomers have left - letís begin)

According to recent CNN Report, there will be 10 million NEW millionaires created in the US economy by the year 2020.

  • Not 10,000
  • Not 100,000
  • Not 1,000,000
  • Not even 5,000,000
  • But TEN MILLION new Millionaires!


Well, there are many reasons why this has been forecasted to happen but letís just say that (if you study history and economics like we do) itís a mathematical fact that IT WILL HAPPEN. (But we donít want to bore you with ALL the details here. Google can provide you ample evidence to support what we just said.)

Whatís most important here is ...
Do YOU want to be one of them?

This gentleman does and letís see what he said:

I just finished watching your "Million $$$ Secrets" DVD. I sometimes SCRATCH MY HEAD in amazement how you put all of this amazing information together and then practically GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE!!!!! That's what I SIMPLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND!

I need to master your system, and I need to sell my rental alligators using your "Million $$$ Secrets" system.

Joe Magenst, REALTORģ and Investor
Aventura, FL

So, if you just answered "Yes", to that question, letís look at your options:

  1. Winning the Powerball lottery (Sorry, Rainbow Sherbet Trust is already taken)
  2. Getting a 6-7 figure RAISE from your boss (Is that really possible for you?)
  3. Inheriting a large sum from a rich relative (Prepare for possibly lengthy and expensive probate battle)
  4. Marry one of the Kardashian girls (HmmmÖhow did that work out for that guy?)
  5. Go to college and get an advanced degree (For real? Do you know how many broke PhD.ís there are out there?)

...we know there are more but you get the idea. Hereís the bottom line...

To get something youíve never had youíve gotta do something youíve never done!

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen is simply this ...

Study whatever the masses are doing and do the EXACT OPPOSITE!

So, if you are still reading this that means that you have a shot at being one of the 10 million NEW millionaires created in this country.

Heard enough? Ready to sign up and jump start your real estate business?
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So why this workshop and why now?

You need to "ďStop The real Estate Insanity," get your act together and start making good, different decisions about your business. After all,that's what your real estate investments are...a Business! Some of the biggest financial decisions most people make surround real estate, retirement, financial security and, if they own one, their business.

But the title of this workshop is not just meant to be catchy and controversial, guys and gals. It is because we have the mathematical proof to back it up. Letís take a brief look...

You will see mathematically why 7,000,000 investors keep losing money with rentals - and why YOU will, too, if you go down that road. You'll also learn about Mr. & Mrs. Real Estate's review of scams you'll find in the industry. You'll see copies of the checks from their first investment property they purchased in 1989. After that the goal was very simple ...

BUY MORE! It's very easy when you know what you're doing and have the right information.

OK. BEFORE you come to this seminar, you need to think about this:

You, the Landlord ...

  • Puts 20% down to buy the property
  • Pays property taxes
  • Pays hazard insurance
  • Pays for all repairs or does them himself
  • Must replace all appliances when they break down
  • Is subject to possible lawsuits
  • Must get the tenant's permission to enter the property (his OWN property)
  • Take calls from tenants for repairs - day or night

On the other hand, the Tenant...

  • Pays no property taxes
  • Pays no hazard insurance
  • Does no repairs
  • Tenant-Landlord laws protect the tenant
  • Puts down a small deposit and controls the whole house!

Now you're ready to attend the seminar where we'll prove to you that...
"Rentals really Are a DUMB Idea!"

In fact, why donít you check out what Howard had to say after attending one of our earlier seminars...

Howard DeRias
Howard DeRias
Keller Williams Realty
Atlantic County, NJ

".. little did I know I was in for a real treat ... I want to be the #1 agent in Atlantic county [NJ] ... George and Arlene - what can I say? I've never met people who were as hardworking and dedicated to the real estate profession ... I purchased everything they have here. I will make a mint with the information they have given me. This was a very special and unique seminar ... it was absolutely awesome."

To watch the rest of this testimonial, go to the video by CLICKING HERE

We are here to help you and make you rich from real estate. But ... we can help you only if you WANT to be helped!
AND if you have the BURNING DESIRE to become one of those 10 million new millionaires!

Heard enough? Ready to sign up and jump start your real estate business?
Then use our SECURE shopping cart button below and GRAB Your Spot ---TODAY!

But thatís not all we have lined up for you!

In additon to giving you all the "skinny" on what we just talked about, we will also be sharing with you some valuable information to help you get MASSIVE Amounts of Credit for your business. No matter what business you are in even if it's not related to real estate!

The US Economy is NOT going to heck in a least not according to this guy! Youíll have the opportunity to meet Dan Harris from NYC. He's the REAL DEAL when it comes to helping small businesses secure the cash and credit they need to keep going.

Dan has helped hundreds of businesses secure MILLIONS of dollars in lines of credit, cash and MORE for whatever their business needs are (and he means WHATEVER). It took a lot of arm twisting, begging and cajoling to get him to fly down to South Florida to be here for yuz (he made us say that).

So, if this highly successful and sought after businessman is doing this, you can believe that he has some really great information to share with you and you will hear it all at this seminar. Dan isn't just talking theory ... he has been there and done that.

Dan recently revealed a lot of great tips on a recent interview you can listen to including...

  • There is NO limit to what a business can get using business credit
  • The tens of thousands of businesses AND lenders that are willing to extend credit to YOUR business TODAY!
  • The sure fire method to build a business credit profile in a fraction of the time and get HUGE lines of credit for doing so
  • The secret of converting vendor credit to cash for your business
  • Why you must be aware of the biggest change to impact the business credit industry and how it will definitely affect YOUR business
  • In the world of business credit "perception (of your business) becomes reality", and how it could put a lot more money in your pocket if you know how to finesse it

Listen to this interview ... we recorded this conference call just for you. Instructions below:

Phone Number: (641) 715-3900
Extension: 654292#

[While playing back the recording on your device, you can use the following controls:

  • Press 2 - To reverse for 30 seconds.
  • Press 3 - To skip forward for 30 seconds.
  • Press 8 - To pause, press again to resume.
  • Press 0 - To skip to the end of the interview and then leave your message after the brief beep.]

Yup! Youíre gonna hear from the unofficial "King of New Yawk" as he reveals several MORE secrets about business credit that will most certainly blow your mind. So is this something you should pass up?

Probably not.

And in case you still need a little more convincing that this is well worth a measly $149.00 (less than a nice dinner and a bottle of wine here in South Florida), letís see what Dawn has to say about one of our events:

Golden Dawn Ricketts
Golden Dawn Rickets
RE/MAX Action First Realty
Tampa Bay, FL

"... I cannot believe the value we got out of this seminar. I already know I am going to make so much more money this year ... I can't recommend it enough ... George taught us so much about creative financing I know it is going to be a valuable tool not only for myself to invest, but to make my clients a ton of money ..."

To watch the rest of this testimonial, go to the video by CLICKING HERE

Bottom line is this, folks ...

When you pre-register for this AWESOME event by 3/29/2012,your investment is just....
$149 !

HOWEVER, if you procrastinate and wait until the very last minute ... you pay our regular rate of $199.

PLUS ...
You Get the Following BONUSES Just For Attending Our Workshop...

  • "How to Buy Your First Investment Property" - This 42 page book shows you step-by-step how YOU can get started in your real estate investing business. This booklet was written by Mr. Real Estate and is our PROPRIETARY information! Value: $99.00
  • "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - A MUST READ BOOK for everyone who wants to be in their own business. This e-book has a special foreword by Mr. Real Estate. Value: Priceless!
  • "Credit Bible" - Dan Harris is giving away copies of this all-important book to the first 25 people who register AND attend the workshop. Discover the secrets of fixing and/or raising your credit score. Imperative you get this book into your hands. Value: $99
  • TWO (2) FREE Tickets to a future event - For yourself AND a guest. Value: $298
  • The most i-r-r-e-s-i-t-i-b-l-e bonus ... our $10,000 Challenge - for the seriious investor only ... you MUST ATTEND the wsorkshop to get all the details!

Between all the handouts, freebies, information, connections AND networking you are going to be able to do at this event,
you will walk away with at least several thousands of dollars worth of knowledge
you can implement RIGHT AWAY in whatever business you do. And your investment is ONLY ...

$149 !

The choice is YOURS to make. So, make the RIGHT decision ... click on the "Add to Cart" button below to register for this one-of-a-kind workshop.
No excuses... we do accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER - and PAYPAL!

See you there!

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